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SymlexVPN 4.1.21 for Android

**Now works in IRAN/China perfectly

**Speed Improved

** UI smoothness increased

** TV version updated

SymlexVPN 1.27 for Android

✓ Email Verification for Free Signup.

✓ Remove In-App Purchase.

✓ Add SSL Commerz Payment Method Integration.

SymlexVPN 1.22 for Android

✓ UI improvements.

✓ Free SignUP for all countries.

✓ Increase Network Speed.

SymlexVPN 1.17 for Android

✓ Fixed the crashing issue on Android 10

✓ UI improvements.

SymlexVPN 1.15 for Android

✓ UI improvements.

SymlexVPN 1.10 for Android

✓ New feature: Connect to VPN after signing in by swapping the button.

✓ New feature: Can Hide the SymlexVPN app after connecting to VPN.

✓ New feature: Automatically reconnect if the connection is dropped.

✓ Bugs fixes and UI improvements.