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Symlex VPN
(A Brief About Symlex VPN)

In 2019, we developed Symlex VPN with one idea: privacy and security. The main focus of Symlex VPN was to provide the utmost privacy and security for our clients. Slowly, we reached our target audience. We are currently one of the best VPN providers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Symlex VPN has crossed the 8 million subscribers mark and over 300k paid subscribers as of 2023. Symlex VPN resulted from a small dream nourished by some close friends and has led us to our respected clients who always support us from the sidelines.

Symlex VPN in Streaming

Streaming is probably one of the critical aspects of using a VPN. With the increasing content in movies, TV shows, games, etc., streaming has become a must for most entertainment-loving people worldwide. This is where a VPN pitches in. It makes blocked and restricted content from other regions accessible to you. Symlex VPN does the same. With a premium subscription to Symlex VPN, you can access Netflix in other areas, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Hotstar, and many others. Symlex VPN also has dedicated servers for Netflix USA and Hotstar.

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About Symlex VPN

Our Product

Secure Your Cyberlife With Symlex VPN

Symlex VPN is enriched in protocols. We have the best protocols for our customers, starting from DNS, HTTPS, and OpenConnect. We do not keep logs of our customers' information. Symlex VPN has high-speed servers, so you do not lag. Encryption is our top priority. We have a 24/7 special customer support team to serve at any time. With over 80+ locations and diverse server options, Symlex VPN will be at your service whenever you are in need.

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