According to Federal Trade Commission (FTC), “when you use a VPN app that encrypts the data, anyone monitoring your network connection only sees gibberish – even if the particular site you are visiting doesn’t itself employ encryption”. This might help you to understand the advantages of using a VPN.

Now, you might be thinking why you need to know how a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Works? Well, if you know how the restaurants prepare their food you would become more interested to dine out. Because you will know that the food from the restaurant authentic, clean, and safe to eat. With the changing nature of technology and rising opportunities for work from home, data security is a prime concern. It doesn’t matter if you are a corporate guy, online gamer, movie lover or a tech expert. Using a VPN will always secure you no matter where you work or which websites you visit. Using a VPN will always keep your IP address safe and invisible to outside hackers. Think of your IP address as your apartment number. Would you want everyone to know your apartment number? I don’t think so.

VPN creates encryptions for all your incoming and outgoing data. When anyone requests a website, VPN sends data through a secured tunnel using the server’s IP address which masks your real IP address. For instance, if you are in China, and want to visit a site in the USA. But if the site you are requesting from China is restricted for outside regions, then you won’t be able to access it. But using a VPN you can break that geographic restriction. Since a VPN app directs your traffic via another network, it will look as if your traffic is coming from someplace else. In our case, you will be seen as someone from not that restricted region or China.

If you are speculating which VPN app to use, I would suggest Symlex VPN. Websites that you visit will only see the servers and IP addresses of the Symlex VPN. By choosing Symlex VPN, you simply choose data security..

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